Ron Finley Gardening Master Class

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Soil and Composting

Upcycle Containers


Grow your Food

Leafy greens, vitamins A, C K, fiber and iron. Planting as seedlings. Squeeze the pot to get the plant out. Don't break the soil around the plant roots, it should hold enough of the roots, but fall apart a bit. Don't need to make a hole on the soil. Pull/move the soil with a spade and put the plant in it. Gently press it. Plant close to get more useful space. Water it right away.

Legumes: Start from the seeds, plant them close. Soak the seeds in the water, it should sprout in a couple of days. Put then in the soil, one finger deep. They should sprout in a couple of days. Help them with a trellis, it will help they grow. They will attach to the trellis by themselves.